Blockertools Features


Using our tools, you can detect whether or not a visitor is using an adbocker.


We measure how many of your visitors are using an adblocker, and provide you with reports.


Show targeted messages to invite adblocker visitors to whitelist your site, or prevent them from accessing your content completely.


Blockertools is currently free for everyone, and we plan on keeping it free for publishers.

Easy to Use

At its easiest, simply insert our script into your pages and you're done.

Always Ready

Using our API service, we stay ahead of the adblockers for you, so you don't have to.

Detect, Measure, Act

Setting up our script is easy. Once done, we detect, measure, and give you the tools to act when a visitor uses an adblocker. Just want to measure the scope of the problem? We do this automatically. Want to show adblocker visitors an appeal? We have ready-to-go examples for you to use. Want to block them from accessing your content entirely? We've got you covered, whatever you want to do.

Always One Step Ahead

Adblockers change, and detection and anti-adblocking methods that once worked no longer do. By using our API, you can always stay up to date with our latest script, to keep one step ahead of the adblockers. Let us play the cat and mouse game for you.

Partner with

Don't just ask your adblocker visitors to whitelist your site, or prevent those visitors from accessing your content. These visitors want your content, but don't want the ads. Give them the option to susbcribe for no ads, by joining up with Blockertools is free for everyone for now, and we plan on keeping it free for publishers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does Blockertools offer over tracking adblockers with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is blocked by a number of adblocker and privacy tools, such as ublock and Ghostery. This will lead to a systematic under-reporting of adblocker rates. Our service is currently not blocked by any adblockers or privacy tools, and we plan to regularly update our service to keep things that way. If you use our API, you can stay ahead of the adblockers without any extra work.

We also plan to offer advanced services to websites. Some websites invite adblocker using visitors to whitelist their site, some offer a subscription service (for example, through, and some block adblocker users entirely. We provide you with the tools to do this on your own site, and to customise your approach. Email us if you would like to know more.

Do I need to sign up to

You will need to create a free account with, but you will not be required to use any services. The account is used for logging in to, and nothing more. Of course, you are welcome to integrate's services into your website if you wish!

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